- A -  

Alligator Medicine - 
Meaning: Timing, Integration, Possibilities 

Ant Medicine -  
Meaning: Patience, Community, Cooperation 

Antelope Medicine 
Meaning: Stillness, Antenna, Senses 

Armadillo Medicine 
Meaning: Boundaries, Armor, Go Within 

- B - 

Badger Medicine -
Meaning: Aggressive, Alliances, Persistence 

Barn Swallow Medicine - 

Bat Medicine -
Meaning: Rebirth, Initiation, Extra-Sensory (Hearing) 

Bear Medicine -
Meaning: Introspection, Intuition, Dreaming 

Beaver Medicine -
Meaning: Builder, Completion, Alternatives 

Bee Medicine -
Meaning: Hard Work, Community, Communication 

Black Bird Medicine -
Meaning: Creativity, Detail, Foundation 

Black Panther (aka Black Leopard) Medicine 
Meaning: Unfamiliar Territory, Grace, Darkness

Black Vulture Medicine 
Meaning: Sharp Vision, Opportunist, Treasure 

Blue Bird Medicine 
Meaning: Contentment, Happiness, Joy 

Blue Jay Medicine -
Meaning: Royalty, Energy, Enthusiasm 

Boar (Wild Boar) Medicine -
Meaning: Confrontation, Courage, Assertive 

Buffalo Medicine -
Meaning: Prayer, Abundance, Gratitude 

Bull Medicine -
Meaning: Fertility, Abundance, Strength 

Butterfly Medicine -
Meaning: Transformation, Next Step, Spiritual Growth 

- C - 

Camel Medicine 
Meaning: Conservation, Endurance, Stamina 

Cardinal Medicine -
Meaning: Relationships, Monogamy, Courtship 

Cat Medicine -
Meaning: Curiosity, Independence, Sensuality 

Cattle Egret Medicine - 
Meaning: Mooch, Borrow, Utilize 

Cheetah Medicine -
Meaning: Accelerate, Flexibility, Progress 

Cliff Swallow Medicine 
Meaning: Sociable, Considerate, Community 

Cougar (Mountain Lion) Medicine - 
Meaning: Cunning, Stalk, Surprise 

Coyote Medicine -
Meaning: Trickster, Fun, Wit 

Crane Medicine -
Meaning: Love, Trust, Connection 

Crocodile Medicine -
Meaning: Lethargic, Ambush, Homing  

Crow Medicine 
Meaning:  Bending Law, Mission, Intuition

- D - 

Deer Medicine -
Meaning: Quick, Alert, Grace 

Dog Medicine -
Meaning: Loyalty, Service, Companionship 

Dolphin Medicine -
Meaning: Friendly, Intelligent, Communication 

Dove Medicine -
Meaning: Innocence, Committment, Love 

Dragonfly Medicine -
Meaning: Illusion, Messages, Wisdom 

Duck (Mallard) Medicine 
Meaning: Protection, Nurture, Introspection

Duck (Muscovy ) Medicine -
Meaning: Aggressive, Territorial, Unstable Pairing 

- E - 

Eagle Medicine -
Meaning: Power, Courage, Connection to Spirit 

Elephant Medicine -
Meaning: Memory, Longevity, Intelligence 

Elk Medicine -
Meaning: Pace, Stamina, Equilibrium of Energy 

- F - 

Falcon Medicine -
Meaning: Accuracy, Success, Restraint 

Finch Medicine - 

Flamingo Medicine -
Meaning: Journey, Migration, Wisdom 

Fox Medicine -
Meaning: Clever, Alert, Adaptable 

Frog Medicine -
Meaning: Cleansing, Metamorphosis, Transformation 

- G - 

Giraffe Medicine -
Meaning: Reach, Heights, Success 

Goat Medicine -
Meaning: Climb, Summit, Determination 

Gorilla Medicine -
Meaning: Self-Confidence, Power, Conservation 

Great Blue Heron Medicine -
Meaning: Sight, Devour, Digestion 

Grouse Medicine -
Meaning: Sacred Dance, Fullfillment, Movement 

Gull (Seagull) Medicine -
Meaning: Opportunistic, Developed Social Structure, Complex Communication 

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