Meaning: Sight, Signals, Perspective 

Whenever Hawk Medicine flies on to my path I always start talking to myself out loud and begin coaching myself to pay attention and to look for opportunities that lie ahead. Instead of walking or driving with my eyes focused on what is just before me, my eyes get wider and my sight is set as far as I can see. I look much further ahead of myself. Looking ahead of myself is almost like an out-of-body experience because I am looking beyond who I am now and where I am now. Looking ahead of myself is more than just words, it is a mind-full experience.

Hawk Medicine is a bird of prey, meaning it hunts, preys and feeds off other animals. Taking this to a sharper definition based on its gifts, Hawk Medicine has keen eyesight for finding what it wants and needs. Hawk vision can spot a mouse in a field one mile away. There is no consideration that what he wants and needs will not be available. He is scanning with broader vision his intended target, swooping in at a full-dive speed at 195 kph, which is 121 mph to grab what he wants. Hawk is not waiting for his abundance to fall out of the sky, he is the one diving out of the sky at record speed to take what is rightfully his. He is making it happen for himself. Hawk Medicine has a talent for catching its prey and using its own unique set of skills to get what it needs at the time.  

This energy always reminds me of Sagittarius energy who has the broader perspective, “I see/perceive therefore I am.” When Hawk medicine comes before me I ask myself if I have been too tight and limited in my view. If I use my eyesight as if was looking through a microscope or telescope, I could also dial my sight to see a broader field of vision. I could also dial my sight to be like binoculars, so I can see up close and personal, even from a distance. No wonder Sagittarius energy and Hawk Medicine are prophetic in nature, having insight, hindsight, which serves their foresight.

One day this past early November (2016) as I was driving back to St. Louis, MO from Cherokee, NC (my official address) I saw a record number of hawks. Honestly, I stopped counting at 23 red-tail hawks. From what I knew about Hawk Medicine, it's no wonder that so many of them had to come before me because the previous 7 months were incredibly challenging. The Cherokee – St. Louis drive is 10 hours and these winged messengers kept coming to me one after the other. They were not about to let me forget the message of looking ahead and moving at warp speed. They were sitting like mile markers keeping me focused the entire journey. I kept my focus on what I needed to do ahead.  As I drove, I voiced messages that came as prophetic day-dreams into the recorder on my phone. I was being set-up for what was to come.  I was being pulled into Hawk Medicine and about to operate at full dive.

When Hawk Medicine flies onto your path, the message may be as simple as, “Watch this! Now let’s see you do it!”  

It could also be that the message isn’t about you waiting on a message, as much as it is that you are the message or the messenger.

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