Animal Medicine takes practice, just like astrology. The more you recognize the keywords for a particular animal the easier the interpretation will become.                                       

For personal insight or guidance on any Animal Medicine that has crossed your path, please see "Animal Readings". For members of my own tribe (EBCI) Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians I do not charge a fee.  


Aries - "I am, therefore I am." (March 20 - April 19) 

Black Vulture Medicine – [Sharp Vision, Opportunist, Treasure] Black Vulture People are learning to look for opportunities with clear and sharp vision. Even though Black Vulture Medicine is clothed in black as if to be mourning, there is always a new beginning to an ending. Bird People should remember that all birds are messengers from Great Spirit. Black Vulture Medicine is deliberate and conspicuous in its flight. In other words, it makes no bones about being seen because it is definitely searching to pick a bone. Black Vulture's message is about being an opportunist. Being an opportunist is not such a bad thing. What is one man's trash is another man's treasure. In other words, keep your eyes peeled for the treasure. Opportunity is all around you and nothing should be wasted, squandered or scattered.

Taurus - "I have, therefore I am." (April 19 - May 20) 

Bull Medicine - [Fertility, Abundance, Strength]  Bull Medicine bring many gifts through their physical contribution, they are also believed to bring rain to the tribe with their thundering hooves, which is another symbol of abundance. The sound of their hooves hitting the ground sounds just like an earthquake. This sound gives them dominion over the earth, even when the earth, quakes.  Bull's message is about using your inner strength and power in order to call abundance into your Life. Much like Buffalo Medicine it is asking you to embrace abundance in ALL forms. Look around you; there may be something in your space that has the capacity to create more abundance than you realize. When Bull Medicine comes in front of you, it is reminding you to think abundantly and the ability to replicate is in your grasp.

Gemini - "I think, therefore I am." (May 20 - June 21) 

Muscovy Duck Medicine – [Aggressive, Territorial, Unstable Pairing] The interesting thing about Muscovy Duck Medicine is that it does not form a stable pair. This medicine will couple-up with a related bird but not necessary a bird of its own kind. Relationship communication is the most important thing to look at when relating to this Bird Medicine. This is not only how you communicate with the one you Love, but how you communicate in all types of relationships.  This bird medicine is over-aggressive and a bit too territorial and may be sending you an ethereal check that you may be over-aggressive as well.  It is loud, it is harsh and sometimes it can’t recognize when it is being the unstable and confrontational one. Make certain that you take a close look at yourself when being accused of being too hard or difficult to handle.

Cancer - "I feel, therefore I am." (June 21 - July 22) 

Falcon Medicine – [Accuracy, Success, Restraint] Falcon Medicine has flown upon your path.  When Falcon medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to be discriminate in your choices. Picky, picky, picky . . only picking up with your beak what you can carry in your mouth once in the air and flying "and" diving at speeds up to 200 mph. Falcons only take with them what they can immediately carry. Are you traveling? Falcon is asking you to pack light. Are you moving along your career path quickly? Pack light because Falcon can take you places quickly, easily and effortlessly. Falcons are birds of prey and will exercise restraint until they have found exactly what they are looking for. Cancer typically moves about fairly slow but Falcon has shown up on your path to bring you up to speed.

Leo - "I will, therefore I am." (July 22 - August 22) 

Black Bird Medicine - [Creativity, Detail, Foundation] has flown onto your path.   Black Bird People are learning to use their gifts and talents to manifest their dreams into physical reality. Blackbird people have a talent that is ready to be released to the world, for all to see and hear. Blackbird is encouraging you to do it and asking you to embrace your own talents and reveal them to the world. In the springtime, Blackbird is heard whistling beautiful songs from dawn until dusk. Blackbird cannot hold back their talent. When Blackbird Medicine comes in front of you, it is asking you to recognize your creative talent. While this may not be singing, there is a talent that you should allow to shine. In other words, do not hide your Light under a bushel, sing it from the rooftops!

Virgo - "I analyze, therefore I am." (August 22 - September 22) 

Black Panther Medicine - [Unfamiliar Territory, Grace, Darkness]  Black Panther People are learning to confront their fears and learn how to see when all appears dark or when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Black Panther supports you walking into the unknown future with Grace and trust. You may be worrying too much about the darkness more than you are looking for the Light.  Black Panther's message is about trusting the future and that which you don't yet know. Confront your fears, know who you are and you will find that your fears will fall away with their own weight. Black Panthers can carry more than three times their body weight up into trees.  You may have been carrying three times your weight, but the Truth is, you don't have to. Get still and trust that the future is full of unexpected Goodness and prosperity.  

Libra - "I balance, therefore I am." (September 22 - October 23) 

Raccoon Medicine - [Generosity, Sharing, Provider] has scurried on to your path.  While Raccoon Medicine is certainly a good provider, it is reminding you that you must be able to provide for yourself before you provide for others.  Often times giving so much to others can rob you of your own needs, then you have to scurry about and scavenge for what you need.  Raccoon is very well known for sharing its treats but enough already. Over-compromising Libra has done it again, given a little too much and now there isn’t enough for you. Your willingness to share is unmatchable but now it is time to take care of yourself. While taking care of others comes easy to you and is quite noble, it is also important to take care of yourself first, then you can better care of others.

Scorpio - "I desire/create, therefore I am." (October 23 - November 22) 

Skunk Medicine - [Reputation, Self-Respect, Attraction] has ran onto your path.  When you think about it, Skunk Medicine carries a lot of power but sometimes that power puts fear into the lives of others, which is not necessary.  The bigger message is if you don’t mess with a skunk, then the skunk won’t mess with you. Everyone wants respect, even a skunk. Make certain you are well aware of what attracts you and what you are attracted to. If something looks like a skunk, has the colors of a skunk and smells like a skunk, then it is a skunk. This medicine has shown up to remind you of your own reputation and how you should preserve and protect it and by all means make certain that you are not stinking up the place from your own behavior. Your self-respect comes first. 

Sagittarius - I perceive/see, therefore I am." (November 22 - December 21) 

Wolf Medicine - [Teacher, Guide, Pathfinder] has walked on your path.  Wolf Medicine suits your spirit as much as the horse. Wolf Medicine often goes off to learn new experiences and adventures only to return in order to teach others. The many paths that the Wolf travels expands his awareness and perceptions of the world around him. You are being asked to expand your own views and perceptions as you may have limited yourself more than you think.  This is the time to travel and go beyond what you already know and embrace a higher level of learning, not through book study, but through self-study and new adventures. It is time to stop talking about the path and start walking the path. You will likely find a new teacher or a new guide on this new path.  It’s time to start walking.

Capricorn - "I use, therefore I am." (December 21 - January 20) 

Porcupine Medicine - [Innocence, Child-like, Trust] has walked on to your path.  It is no secret that Capricorn is serious enough for everyone and along your spiritual progress path you may have lost your playfulness and child-like qualities.  Porcupine Medicine serves to remind you that life should be played and not worked.  In other words, your approach to life may be all work and no play.  You should work to live, not live to work.  Porcupine quills are sharp and you may have stuck yourself so much that now you are feeling stuck. You have a lot to offer the world and it is time to trust yourself with child-like innocence and excitement once again. It is time to get curious and start opening doors. The doors will open when you put your hand on the knob.

Aquarius - "I know, therefore I am." (January 20 - February 19) 

Dog Medicine - [Loyalty, Service, Companionship] has walked on to your path.  Dog Medicine is known for being a trusted and constant companion with undying loyalty and service. This medicine has appeared to remind you what it takes to be a better companion and to also look at the company you keep. Dogs are so devoted that no matter how they are treated, they are still loyal to their owner. It is important for you to look at this medicine to see if you ‘are devoted’ to one who is not good for you or if you are ‘not devoted’ to one who is good for you. When it comes to relationships, you want to honestly be good for each other, not just to each other. Take a peek at your loyalties and allegiances to see not only where you stand but how you stand.

Pisces - "I believe, therefore I am." (February 19 - March 20) 

Hummingbird Medicine - [Romantic Love, Joy, Passion] has flown on to your path.  When Hummingbird Medicine arrives on the scene everyone stops to take a look at this beautiful little bird moving about so quickly and gracefully that it appears as though it isn’t moving at all.  It’s like magic - now you see it, now you don’t.  Lately you may have become fickle when it comes to matter of the heart and hummingbird has shown up on your path to ask you why. When Pisces loves, they love fully and completely, although there may be something going on right now that causes you to question love. Hummingbird wishes to remind you that joy and passion are very attractive qualities when it comes to romantic love and it is time to let go of any hard feelings.  It’s time to love again.

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