MEANING: Weaving, Creativity, Infinity

One time I had been procrastinating on a few projects. I went into the kitchen to make some tea and saw a huge spider crawling across the floor. I want to make it very clear that this spider was HUGE. 

This spider medicine meant business and it definitely wanted me to see it! I knew exactly what "spider medicine" represented and I said, "Alright already, alright!" 

Since that time I see Spider Medicine quite often who is always nearby keeping me on task.  The Daring Jumping Spider (bottom right) reminds me to take a leap and to be bold, especially with my creativity.  After all, it is also known as the Bold Jumping Spider.  The Brown Recluse Spider (middle right) or the Black Widow Spider (top right) reminds me not to kill my own creativity through my own inactivity.  Whatever the Spider Medicine is for that day or week, I embrace the message and welcome it's infinite wisdom.

Spider Medicine represents creativity. Its 8 legs represent the 4 winds of change and the 4 directions on the medicine wheel. Its body is in the shape of an 8, which represents infinite possibilities. "Spider people" must look beyond the web of illusion of the physical world and look beyond the horizon to other dimensions. 

It means, "wake up girl and get creative. You've got a lot to say. Think, create, think, create." Needless to say, spider medicine was telling me to get back to my office and start weaving new patterns for my life. I scooped up the spider medicine and took her outside where she would continue to play her roll in the world. I welcomed her to visit me another time when I need a little jumpstart or reminder of my God-given creativity.

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